After the conception of the idea in his childhood and years of development, the dystopian world of Martin Deschambault Project 77 is finally unveiled.

This sci-fi universe of his own creatures, environments, vehicles and characters is brought to life by a collection of captivating short stories by Jeffrey Campbell.

Renowned Director and Designer Brent Ashe has crafted the book to make it viewing experience you’ll love.

Discover all there is to know on the history and process of the project and explore the intricacy of his technique and design. Deschambault takes you step by step in his in-depth tutorials, guiding you through the details of his art process.

Project 77
Martin Deschambault
Martin Deschambault
Senior Concept Artist at 343 Industries/Microsoft

Martin Deschambault grew up in Val d’Or in Northern Quebec fascinated by special effects in the movie industry and dreamt to one day create and design new worlds for film. He went on to study Industrial Design at the University of Montreal in 1999, receiving an Award of Distinction for his final project, “The Vision of Urban Transport for 2080”. After working in the product design industry for a couple of years, he went on to work at Ubisoft Montreal as a concept artist, designing for titles in the Prince of Persia and Assassin’s Creed franchise, among others. His passion project began in 2011 when he decided to try to follow his childhood dreams and started creating Project 77, an enthralling sci-fi Space Opera universe.

What do they think about Project 77?
“I've been following Martin's online posts of Project 77 artwork for several years now, what can I say, I'm a sucker for scifi universes that involve bleak landscapes and monolithic buildings, and Project 77 has a ton. All of the landscapes have a fantastic sense of scale, fantastic lighting, imagine a cross between Star Wars and Blade Runner and you'll get the general idea. The book itself is professionally printed, my only complaint would be it's too short at just over 100 pages. But I suppose "keep the audience wanting more". Fantastic book and project, hope to see more of this universe in the future, so glad to see this in print!”
Neil Blevins
“Wonderful well-thought out layout and design, very high quality printing and production provide a fantastic platform to showcase Martin's stunning visuals and inspirational world-building. This product is great example of when all aspects of a project are focused on the end result. The stories compliment the art, the layout and design compliment the content, and the printing and production of the book supports it all with high quality materials and printing practices. You can tell that this project was personal for more than just Martin. Each aspect of the book has certainly benefited from from the care and considerations made by all involved. Really cannot wait to see what else ArtStation Media has in store.”
Tyler Jeffers
Halo Franchise Creative Producer, 343 Industries
“Uniquely charming bookshelf or coffee table treasure. This book will delight both the ‘old school’ fans of sci-fi art and the post-digital fans. This is the best contemporary example in my extensive collection that keeps both these fan groups satisfied. Just buy it.”
Beverley Candy