Jakub Rozalski shares his World of Inspiration

The artist behind Howling at the Moon

Jakub Rozalski, is a Polish artist best known for his World of 1920+ series, an alternate 20th century European history that combines war and the industrial revolution with mech robots and folklore. His worked served as the basis for the popular board game Scythe, the Iron Harvest video game Kickstarter and several unreleased projects to come.

Inspired by his surroundings on the Polish countryside, his work captures the nostalgic atmosphere in rural landscapes while incorperating colossal giants, ominous machines, werewolves and lonely wanderers.

For the first time, Rozalski gave us an exclusive sneak peek into his world and  shared some of the stories and sceneries that inspire his work. See the full post here.

Discover more of Jakub‘s work in Howling at the Moon, available on Amazon.


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