ArtStation Media Celebrates Launch with Project 77

On November 8, we celebrated the launch of the first edition of the new publishing division with Martin Deschambault’s long awaited Project 77.

“We’re just so excited to be creating these beautiful art books that brings ArtStation onto people’s bookcases. It’s just cool,” said CEO Leonard Teo on why ArtStation was starting to go into the publishing business.

“Working with the brilliant Martin Deschambault, legendary designer Brent Ashe and veteran production designer Daniel Cox has set the bar incredibly high for the ArtStation imprint—which is exactly where we like it,” added Co-Publisher Daniel Wade, who produced 40+ art books at Ballistic Publishing (founded by Leonard in 2003).

Project 77, though still not available for purchase on Amazon, was on sale exclusively at the event where guests were able to mingle and their book signed by the guest of honour. One lucky guest won a signed Project 77 canvas to bring home with them.

Project 77 is scheduled to be available online through Amazon towards the end of November. Sign up for the ArtStation Media newsletter to receive notice when the you can order your own copy!

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